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■前略 先日はお世話になりました。暑い中、一所懸命案内して下さった河野さんのおかげで、思いがけず楽しい時間を過ごすことができました。(大阪府・M.A.様)




■Dear Masa-san,
thank you for guiding us everywhere in Kyoto and bringing us to great restaurants. Also,thank you for recommending good ramen restaurants, we really,really enjoy it. We hope we can meet you again next time we come back Kyoto. Wish you enjoy the strawberry and wish all your wishes come true.(台湾・L.F.様)

■Dear Mr. Kohno,
I would hereby like to thank you and your colleagues for the excellent service and great hospitality you provided us during the visit of our Prime Minister for Education, Culture and Science to Kyoto last weekend.
Everything was well organised and the programme went smoothly thanks to your professionalism.
I hope to make use of your service again.
Sincerely yours,(D国領事館・M.B.様)

■Dear Mr. Kohno,
On behalf of State Secretary and all his delegation members, I wish to thank you very warmly for your kind help and efficient assistance during our stay in Kyoto on the occasion of the ASEM Foreign Minister's Meeting.
Yours sincerely,(B国大使館・W.V.様)

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